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Please State The Nature Of The Medical Emergency

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 02:55 PM PDT

I enjoy reading medical blogs so I thought I'd start one over on the Medlinks site. It's mostly a way of book marking the plethora of web articles I read, and making some kind of sense from what I've learned. Anyway:

Focus on Drugs and various other things…
March 16, 2014

Do you know where your gall bladder is located? gallstones

Since I've been reading about drugs, I've developed an increased interest in news articles about them. In New Zealand, new synthetic drugs can be made legally available, however, other illicit drugs remain illegal. Will this see a rise in drug use in NZ? Will more people die by mixing different drugs?

Should more police be given Naloxone? If it saves lives surely it's a good thing,? Considering the horrible side effects of naloxone, it doesn't seem likely to make users more reckless, just allow them to make mistakes, and hopefully to learn from them.

A 3rd of the world's population of smokers are in China! I had no idea it was such a problem there, a projected 50 million deaths between 2012 – 2050. Solution? Increased excise tax, smoke-free laws and a marketing ban (Nursing Standard/BMJ)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy doesn't seem to work as well as counselling to get pregnant women to stop smoking.

Maybe the alcohol duty escalator should not be abolished, after reading this.

The sBMJ looks at the minimum price for alcohol.

Extreme best and worse case scenarios of e-cigarettes on public health.

How do you feel about patients recording your consultations in the future? A way to communicate better, or something to be nervous about? It is a legal form of note keeping and may be done covertly! When you go to your GP would you ask to record the session?

Robotic surgery is good, but should be cost-effective. Observing a robotic-assisted heminephrectomy has been one of the highlights of my work experience!

da vinci(like this, only more people and surgical trolleys)

33 cases of thyroid cancer in children from Fukushima, is that because of increased screening or because of the radiation? Some Fukushima evacuees have commit suicide.

The guardian highlights the problem of domestic violence in the LGBT community, something I became aware of via the charity Broken Rainbow, at Pride. I hadn't thought about how the support system caters mostly for heterosexual couples – a lesbian is not necessarily going to feel safe at a women-only shelter.

Also St Georges open day turns out to be the same day in June as Swansea, and now I'm left trying to get April 9th off work to go to Swansea instead..and seriously! There are like 3 GEM GAMSAT unis in the country, you'd think they could co-ordinate or something? *Facepalm* Oh well…I guess that's life.

I'm on holiday for a week, a doctor at work told me not to worry too much about the GAMSAT and enjoy some of my time off…so I'm reading a Physiology Textbook. Hah! Although now, electrochemical gradient equations are hurting my brain. Serves me right! Maybe tomorrow I'll kick back in the sunshine.

Doing research while working as a physician?

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 01:03 PM PDT

Hi, I am currently studying medicine at UCL in London. I was wondering if, after completing my medical studies and my residency (which I'd like to do in the US) I could do research (not clinical research but actual research on a specific topic, like genes for instance) and be a physician (either neurologist or oncologist) at the same time. Does anyone know if that's possible and how that would look like?


Partner Income funding requirement

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 04:49 AM PDT

How is the partner income assessed and enforced?

I have been told by SFE that if I live with someone (unmarried) that SFE and NHS will take into account our household income. This would be quite a burden on my girlfriend, as whilst we are living together I wouldn't expect her to support me throughout medical school.

I graduated in 2012 from my undergrad and in 2013 from my post grad. I worked part time throughout my 4 years studying. In Jan 2014 I started working as a full time HCA in a local hospital. I will be 25 this September when I apply to med school and will be turning 26 if I get in next year. Therefore will I be counted as an independent student?

I assumed that SFE and the NHS would take into account my earnings at the time of entering medical school or possibly my parents income as I haven't been working full time for a total period of 36 months. Can someone tell me whether they have faced a similar situation? What are the requirements for household income?