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Looking at studying medicine as a Graduate

Posted: 08 Apr 2014 04:11 PM PDT


Apologies in advance for the long post. I have recently been considering whether to study medicine and the more I look at it, the more I am interested in studying it. However I have a few queries/concerns.

My current course is Business and Management and did not study Science at A level but I do have Bs at GCSEs. I am concerned that the 4 year course will be very intense and that it might be too difficult. Does anyone have any experience with this course? Do you spend every minute studying or is there still time to social/chill out?

Regarding work experience /volunteering , does it matter what sort this is. Can it be something simply within the NHS, such as receptionist or a ward clerk for example, or does it have to be actually in a caring role?. Should I look at volunteering as well? Is this essential to any application?

I would like to eventually go into psychiatry , but I am unsure of what work experience I can get. Are there any paid roles within this area that i can get experience in?

Funding wise , I understand that there is funding available for GEM 4 year course, however from what Ive heard about its difficulty I would prefer to study a 5 year course. Is there anyway round this? Can I pay for my first year of the 5 year course and then get funding for the next four years (as with the GEM course) Another option I have considered is armed forces sponsorship. Has anyone got sponsorship like this? Would they fund a 5 year graduate medicine degree? If so, does the requirements of sponsorship take over you life while at uni? I believe there is a requirement to join a squadron while at uni for example (in the RAF).

It seems with my situation there are very few universities that accept any degree without the GAMSAT. Would anyone advise taking this test? Is it very hard? I see that it costs a lot. If I don't , then I would only be able to apply to 2/3 otherwise.

I think that this is all the questions that I have for now.

Thanks in advance

Second Degree 5 year Undergraduate Funding!

Posted: 08 Apr 2014 09:56 AM PDT

Hi Everyone

i got into medical school after years of trying and am super excited!

I'm on 5 year course at Exeter

but this is my second degree

as i understand it the tuition fees loan is not available to me

I can still get the maintenance loan but even then that wont cover my tuition fees

is there any other option? i dont have £9000 upfront to pay. heck i dont even have 3k to pay up front

maybe i could pay in installments over the year?

the only thing i found was going to a bank but best case scenario they would give me 10k where as i need to cover 4 years of tuition fees

i suppose if i could cover year one i can save every month and cover years 2-4

i find it quite amusing how they can give us access to maintenance loans but not tuition fee loans surely the 9k tuition fee loans is more useful to applicants

even if the maintenance loans could cover the fees (or even half of it) i could cover my own expenses through out the year

any advise would be really appreciated guys