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Digest of what we published last week


First, a look at the five systematic, criteria-driven news story reviews we published last week:  

Independent Perspectives In This Story Put Vitamin D Benefits In Context

   5 Star


 Coverage of "Breakthrough" Lung Cancer Drug Lacks Data on Benefits

2 Star


Big Blueberry Claims Based on Small Study

2 Star


"A better way to help people quit smoking?" We offer some suggestions for a better way to report this. 

 3 Star


Head Start Might Help Fight Obesity?: Was This an Apples-to-Apples Comparison?  

  3 Star










Mentioned in our blog last week: 

  • Regarding that same study, a BBC story allowed a quote to go unchallenged: "it's just not fair to attribute the mis-reporting of this to journalists - they've just copied what's in the journal and in the press release." We disagree.
  • When last Friday wrapped up, there was a pile of things I wished we'd addressed earlier, but hadn't.  So I posted a Friday file with brief mention of all of this and more
    • "Is widespread screening for hepatitis C justified?" - The BMJ. 
    • Who will notice that BMJ piece? And who will report on it accurately?
    • "60 Minutes Stumbles on How Health Insurance Works" - Dan Munro on Forbes. 
    • "NBC Nightly News Wields the Power of Pandering in 'Power of Prayer' Report" - Prof. William London
    • "When Diabetes Treatment Treatment Goes Too Far"
    • "Doing More for Patients Often Does No Good"
    • And Eric Topol's skeptical Tweet: 

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