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Posted: 19 Dec 2014 06:04 PM PST

So just to give a little background about myself. I was homeschooled all my life. I graduated at the age of 16 and did a year in a community college where I got all A's. They were mostly my electives and English and Math classes that I took. My GPA was a 3.910 when I transferred to the four year school as a sophomore. My first semester I took the beginning Biology and Chemistry classes along with Physics. I got a B- in Biology and a B in Chemistry and an A+ in Physics. One other class I took, an elective, I got a B+ in. I'm scared that it seriously damaged my GPA. I want to get into Baylor School of Medicine in Texas which requires a 3.84 GPA. I started crying when I got the grades because I know Med schools are looking for great grades. Do I have a reason to worry. If I apply myself a lot more than I did this semester and get straight A's (which I believe i can do) should I be extremely worried about this semester? Also, I'm looking into joining a research program at my school and I do a lot of volunteer so I'm not worried about that aspect.

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Posted: 19 Dec 2014 10:13 AM PST


I have quite a bit material for if interested please message me ASAP.

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Break Blow Burn-By Camille Paglia-This has poems in it that are explained from interesting viewpoints, helps understanding poem and author-great for sec 1 and possibly sec 2
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Algebra 1 workbook for dummies
George Orwell essays-this book has essays on various topics
A.C.Grayling-The meaning of things talks about things like tolerance, betrayal, blame, poverty etc-very helpful for sec 2
Algebra II for dummies
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CGP A-2 Level Chemistry-complete revision and practice guide (examboard-OCR A)
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Letts Physics 'Revise AS & A2' Complete study and revision guide
A.C.Grayling-the mystery of things-talks about things like Arts, certain aspects of history , and science

I have a few copies of the ACER exam papers-these have practice questions on all sections