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I want to do medicine. With my past academic history how realistic am I being?

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 02:06 AM PDT

I've always wanted to do medicine ever since I was a child. How ever I have had a very bad problem with procrastination which has severely affected my academic results. I've only just started getting myself back on track. Here are my current stats

Currently studying: Natural science BSc (Open University)(first year)
Work experience: 1 year 9 months home care assistant
1 year care home assistant
About to start job as a healthcare assistant in a hospital
When do I want to apply: 2020

Past academic history

Gcse's (2005)- 4 A's (Double science, English, ICT)
4 B's (Food tech, English lit, RE, Maths)
2 C's (French, PE)
2 D's ( Double health and social care- Procrastination happened here I got an A on the exam an A on the first coursework I procrastinated with my last coursework so I failed that one and I ended up with 2 D's)

A-Levels (2008) 2 E's (Use of mathematics AS, Biology AS)
2 U's (Chemistry AS, Physics AS)
Because of these grades I wasn't allowed to come back to any of the subjects and to retake them again so I ended up spending an extra year in college, and yes I procrastinated so much that I didn't do coursework and I didn't revise
CD (Applied science- Double a level)
D (Environmental science- a level)
D (Science for public understanding- AS)
I had to retake new subjects again to continue on in college and I ended up procrastinating again and not using my full potential. It wasn't a spectacular a failure as my first year in college but I knew I could do much much better.

University - (2008-2011)- Diploma of Higher education- Applied science (Pass)
I originally went to university to get a degree in Biomedicine and Human Biology hoping to get onto a Graduate medicine course. I once again ended up procrastinating and being lazy I didn't do tests, didn't do coursework at all or properly, I didn't revise and there were weeks when I wouldn't go to lecture.

Work based qualifications (2013) Level 2 health and social care diploma (Pass)
This is where things started to change for me. I procrastinated and I didn't do the work. So instead of getting this qualification in 2012 I ended up getting it in 2013. By this time I was very angry with myself and frustrated for putting myself in this position again after so many failures in the past. I forced myself to put my head down and do my work. This qualification takes about a year to complete and I finished it in 5 months all by myself when I concentrated

Current situation

Started my degree with the open university still hoping to get onto a graduate medicine course and to put some time between my application and my past failures. Hoping that they wont reflect as harshly on my application. I was also hoping to get a ton of experience so that can help counteract my past failures
I have passed one module so far (SK195-Human genetics and issues). I am currently studying 2 at the moment (S104- Exploring science* and S155- Science investigations)

*S104 is a retake for me because I failed last time. Because of procrastination mostly but I was also doing my level 2 health and social care diploma with my workplace and I decided to concentrate on that instead.

Am I being realistic about going into medicine. I know there are some universities will just look at the last thing you achieved and those are the ones I want to apply to (I want to stay in London so I think that rules out Bart's for me)

Will there be anyone who will even look at my application? And is there anything else I can be doing now that will strengthen my application for me to apply in 2020?

I'm A bit scared to email the admission offices myself because I don't want all my past failures to come around and bit me in the bum when I do apply

Thank you for your time